Everest Experience Program

Everest Expedition

The world Highest mountains Mt. Everest (29000ft) is located 27, 59’ north latitude, 86 0 55’ east longitude. It was accredited as the highest mountains in the earth in 1852. The towering mountain in between the international...

70 days hard

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trekking is the world popular trekking trail not only because of its elevation because of local Sherpa people’s hospitality and welcoming faces makes all visitors happy. No one can get such accommodation and amenities...

21 days medium

Everest Camp II

Everest Camp II (6,600m/21,500ft) climbing is a unique experience for beginner mountaineers. We are offering Camp II in special price with high quality services. Camp II climbing member will have chance to meet our Everest Climber, gain...

25 days hard

Everest Expedition Leader

Sherpa are taken as snow leopard, mountains are their homes and Himalaya is their god.. Whenever the work in mountain comes we believe that only Sherpa can make it success with respect. With respect we recruit them to the work. Our staffs are highly qualified in the respective field. We have been using those climbing Sherpa and staffs who have at least summit successfully more than...

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