Time line of Everest climbing history

1921: Reconnaissance expedition- British – organized by Mount Everest Committee UK


– Colonel Charles Howard-Bury, – Leader
– Harold Raeburn
– George Mallory
– Guy Bullock
– Edward Oliver Wheeler

Route: Northern Ridge
Reached up to – North Col (23030 ft)

1922: First attempt – British

– George Mallory
– Charles Granville Bruce
– Lt-Col. Edward Lisle Strutt
– George Finch
– Geoffrey Bruce

Route: Northern Ridge
Reached up to: 8,170 m (26,800 ft) in first attempt, 8,320 m (27,300 ft) in on second attempt

When Mallory try for third attempt; there was the big avalanche on the wall of North Ridge which took the life of 7 Sherpa climbers. This is the first recorded death on Everest

1924: Mallory and Irvine – British

– George Mallory
– Brigadier-General Charles Bruce
– Lt-Col. Edward Norton,
– Howard Somervell,
– John Noel
– Noel Odell
– Andrew Irvine.