Everest Expedition

Trip Overview

The world Highest mountains Mt. Everest (29000ft) is located 27, 59’ north latitude, 86 0 55’ east longitude. Mt. Everest was accredited as the highest mountains in the earth in 1852. The towering mountain in between the international border of Nepal and Tibet. In Nepali it is known as “Sagarmatha” which means forehead of the earth and in Tibetan people call it “Chomolongma” which means mother goddess in local language. Mt. Everest has its own significance to climb. It is resulted that Mt Everest is climbed by more people rather than other mountains. There has been many attempts for climbing Mt. Everest by British group along with George Mallory in 1921, 1922 & 1925. 1925 was the one of the first tragic day in the history of Everest climbing. During Everest Expedition on June 2, 1924, Mallory and Irvine, had left their high camp for the summit attempt, they were missed in the Everest. Still their bodies was not found. After the successful summit of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in may 1953, there has been many attempt in Mt. Everest, including the people who climbed it two or more times. It is a great achievement for those who climbed it or not. Both of them could face dreadful obstacle – technical, physical, psychological. We organize Everest Expedition from Nepal Side as well as Tibet Side. However we are focused to provide complete Everest Expedition via Nepal side to get rid out of the Chinese Policy as then can ban anytime. As well as it is more reliable for personal safety where we can do immediate rescue via helicopter and safe our client's life.
  • Dates: Daily
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Duration: 70 days
  • Grade: hard
  • Altitude: 8848m.
  • Commences At: Kathmandu
  • Ends At: Kathmandu

Trip Details

Kathmandu Activities
Our date for Everest starts from 29th of March. All member should arrive in Kathmandu on 29th of March. Upon the arrival of climbers in Kathmandu, MAI staff will greet you at the exit entrance of International airport. There will be short briefing in hotel about the plan. To adjust with the temperature and altitude as well as preparation, we put 4 days in Kathmandu. Four days are occupied with sightseeing, preparation for the expedition & processing for the Everest Expedition permit. You will also have interaction with Guide who will help you to re-check your gear and recommend buying or rent in Kathmandu if necessary. We will also have detail briefing about the 65 days trip in Kathmandu. Our Expedition Manager will give you lecture about Everest Expedition along with the help of Expedition guide.

Lukla to Everest Base Camp.
Early in the morning, Spectacular 30 minutes flight on a small aircraft will take you to Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region. You will have tea coffee break at Lukla for about 1 to 2 hours while your guide will prepare then porters/zopkyo for your personal gear. You will then start your trek down to Phakding . It takes about 3 hours to reach to Phakding.  Next day you will arrive in Namche and will spend two nights for acclimatization. You will then start your trek towards Island Peak for acclimatize climbing through Thame, Khumjung, Tengboche, Dingboche and Chhukung. After the summit of Island Peak, you will then head towards Everest Base Camp. After spending a night at Gorakshep, you will climb up the Kalapathar for the best view of Everest, Lhotse and the other surrounding peaks. You will trek in to Everest Base Camp the same day. Our necessary guide, cook and staffs will be there to set up all camping gear, personal tent, dining tent with well facilities of camping equipment.  The staffs at base camp give you a warm welcome and a very nice dinner. Everest Base Camp will be your home and our staff will be your family member for 2 months.

Climbing Overview of Everest

You will have couple of rest day in Everest Base Camp to adjust with the environment. Then you can spend some time in the Base Camp by preparing your climb in the cliff at Everest Base Camp. The Everest Expedition climb starts after Puja. Mt. Everest is taken as a Mother Goddess. So,  Puja ceremony will be held at base camp. Mt. Everest will be worshipped along with climbing gears of all members and Sherpa Climber in the presence of a Lama (Holy Monk) for whole day. The date for the Puja ceremony will be decided by Lam by seeing the astrology. The Worship day may vary for team to team. This is the prayer for the permission from the mountain goddess for climbing Everest and also for the success of the expedition without any casualties and harm during Mt. Everest Expedition. Then the climb on Everest starts.

The first part of your climb on Everest will just be the process of acclimatization. You will gradually start climbing to the high camps. First time you will walk on Ice Fall to make sure that your boots and crampons are ok. Then gradually starts Base Camp to Camp 1 and back to BC. BC to Camp 1 and stay overnight then heading to Camp 2 stay overnight. Then next day back to Base camp and rest for a day. Here are the outline tentative activities.

Walk on Ice fall > Back to BC
Climb to Camp 1 > Back to BC
Rest day
Climb to Camp 1 > stay overnight
Climb to Camp 2 > back to Camp 1
Climb to Camp 2 > stay overnight
Back to Base Camp
Rest day
Climb to Camp 1 > stay overnight
Climb to Camp 2 > stay overnight
Climb to Camp 3 > back to Camp 2
Climb to Camp 3 > back to Camp 2
Climb to Camp 3 > stay overnight
Climb to Lhotse Face > Back to Camp 2
Back to Base Camp
Rest day


Once you climb up to around 7500 m and return back to Base Camp, you will the descend down to the lower Khumbu valley into the thick air for resting. You will be staying in Debuche for a week. This is designed to get ready for the final summit of Everest. You will gain some weight and able to eat more while you are in low elevation. You will spend You will again return back to Everest base camp and start the second part of the climb which will be the attempt to the summit of Everest. After couple of rest day in Base Camp you will start your final summit. The tentative plan for the summit is;

Day 01   Climb to Camp 1

Day 02   Climb to Camp 2

Day 03   Climb to Camp 3

Day 04   Climb to South Col

Day 05   Summit > South Col

Day 05   Down to Camp 2

Day 07   Down to Base Camp

Day 08   Base Camp

Our Sherpa Climbing will working for transporting all tents, food, oxygen and necessary gear to Camp 3 and South Col.

After the summit, you will return to Kathmandu and the farewell dinner will be at the Rum Doodle restaurant where you will sign on the Everest Summiteers list and be part of the Everest Summiteers club.

Mt. Everest is not just for a climb. It is much more for pride and dream of a life.

Climbers who wish to conquer Mt. Everest require having high level of physical fitness. Climbers should complete the climbing training and should have knowledge about climbing skills. Prior Everest Climbers need to complete a series of high altitude climbs includes Denali, Aconcagua, Cho-Oyu, Vinson, Mt. Baruntse  Peak.

Adequate training and excellent physical is the most. Hiking up down, Running, fast walking, swimming, cycling, soccer, basketball, and other physical sports can be the example for physical training. If you have time we suggest you to take yoga classes to cure with mind, body and soul. It helps you to face the problem psychologically. You must be able to carry approx. 40lbs while walking up down in the mountain.

If you are new and dreaming for Climbing Mt. Everest, please contact us for the necessary training session. We offer you the best training guide who helps you to give adequate knowledge about climbing skills and using climbing gear. We offer some mountain in Nepal for training and also recommend you some mountain to climb before Everest.

We have been offering Everest Camp II climbing for those who wish to climb Mt. Everest. Camp II activities can be the best choices prior to Everest which will help you to gain knowledge about walking on icefall, crossing ladder in Khumbu Ice fall by using your climbing gears along with Millet, Lasportiva boots with crampons on it. It makes your Everest Summit Easy as BC to Camp II is takes as most difficult part of the Expedition.

With cosmic experience and great team work, Mega Adventures International is capable to organize any Himalayan expedition in Nepal, Tibet and India. Our club is capable to provide information from basic level of mountaineering to advance depth. We have categorized different mountains from trainee level to strenuous to link up our valued clients directly to get their goals. We do not only run adventurous activities but encourage you to become adventurous person. Our philosophy is to implant a dream on you and give you hand to change your input into output goals.

As per the experience of our clients, we like to inform you that we can organize any mountain and small peak by alpine style to fully guided expedition.

Our Experience in the field of Mountaineering.

Team spirit is the key of our success while organizing the trip. We are a team made in combination from Mountaineers to the internal office manager since working same field since 10 to 15 years. We were  employee and now owns a company in order to share our vast knowledge from our working experience to provide the fact knowledge and mange it. Those staffs we recruit to clients are chosen directly from us.  We are always serious to keep the relative staffs to the relative field. We also train them ourselves. We always keen to provide you 24 hours services during expedition and provide necessary information whenever necessary either in filed or office. We are always growing faster for using information technologies in field and connect our staffs directly to office. So, we have discovered the daily dispatch system in our website to connect families, friends, viewer with our valued clients.

Why use Mega Adventures and its Services?

–          Private Trip

To ensure the goal of our client, we are able to organize trip privately for every individuals as per their request. We can also organize trip for single person if they do not like to join the trip. However the budget may higher but we will try to organize in budget cost to deluxe services.

–          Qualified Sherpa Climber

Sherpa are taken as snow leopard, mountains are their homes and Himalaya is their god.. Whenever the work in mountain comes we believe that only Sherpa can make it success with respect. With respect we recruit them to the work. Our staffs are highly qualified in the respective field. We have been using those climbing Sherpa and staffs who have at least summit successfully more than twice. Our staffs do not only guide you to the summit but they have immense knowledge of mountain routes that are also capable in information technologies that has been using while climbing mountains. Fast communication is most to avoid the misunderstanding between the staffs and client. Our all staffs have good English skill for both speaking and writing with depth knowledge of respective job.

–          Quality Food

While one starts expedition they have to be away from home more than a month. It is obvious that food varied from one country to another and person to person. So, food plays a vital role for the successful expedition. We purchase food ourselves in supermarket and supply directly to the client during expedition to avoid unhealthy. We ask our clients personally to their basic food menu and prepare according to their choices. We have good cook and kitchen staffs who are well trained from the related institute with the knowledge of health and sanitation.

–          Acclimatize trip

Mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna and 8000ers peak we put pre acclimatize trip to some small peaks like Island Peak, Lobuche Peak, Chulu west etc. according to the need of our clients. It will help them to adjust with high altitude and provide energy to conquer the high mountains.

–          Back up oxygen Oxygen supplies, equipment’s

There may be question, why to put Oxygen back up? It is because there is now mercy in mountains. Nobody will help you if you don’t have yours own.  We provide oxygen for Everest and Lhotse. We send oxygen as backup of other 8000ers mountains. We only charge the oxygen amount whenever the clients use it otherwise we do not charge the amount only bringing it to the mountains. For mountains like Everest and Lhotse, we have enough oxygen backup in higher camps. Because their experience from other companies that client have to die due to the lack of sufficient supplement in south col. Now a day, the number of climber is increasing and it is sure that they have to wait in mountain to pass by the mountain traffic and even some disaster like avalanche can swipe away the oxygen bottle, tents food etc. So, it is necessary to have much backup oxygen which we are always serious to provide oxygen, climbing equipment’s, tents, food etc.

–          Necessary tents with High Quality and logistic supplies

We are always serious about basic supplies i.e. necessary for expedition and any other trekking. We only use branded equipment which have already established in the field of adventures such as Mountain Hardware, Northface, Black Diamond, Petzl, CAMP etc. Because companies like Mountain Hardware and Northface have been spending their time to produce quality logistic of the mountaineering and trekking. We will have sufficient necessary member tents, dining tents, communication tents, kitchen tents etc for the expedition when our client gets the taste of five star services even in the hazard location of mountains.

–          Cybercast and Daily Dispatch

Cybercast is the main attraction of each and every trip with us. Updating day to day activities in our blog help our client’s families, friends and relatives to connect with them easily just login our blog; www.megaadventuresintl/cybercast .  Clients themselves can write their experience, feeling and even a message to their family & friends from the field. Our guide sends the daily blog to Kathmandu and we will immediately update the news in our blog.

–          Private trip and less number of Climbers

Expedition is a big project. Organizing and handling a project successfully is a great challenge in remote and high region. Every climber has to spend their valuable time and big amount of money to grasp their ultimate goal safely. Volume of the group plays the vital role to make the every expedition success in good environment. Sometimes big volume create problem in mountains to organize the trip properly. To avoid such problem we use to organize every trip in small volume of 4-7 people. Which will ensure the equal chance for every climbers to achieve their goal safely.  Even we use to organize a private trip for single person; however cost will be slightly high.

–          Respect Environment and reduce Pollution

Environmental problem is the main issue of modern world. Rapidly warming globe creates the great problem in mountains. It simultaneously destroys the charm of nature and destroys the life of different creatures of respective region. Travelling is not everything in itself, but travelling responsibly is something, which can bring great change in the region.

We have our rules and regulations to make your trip responsible.

–          Instead of bottle water we will provide boiled or purified water during the whole trip.

–          All non-degradable garbage will return back to Kathmandu to reuse or recycle.

–          All garbage will remove from mountains region and degradable garbage will bring down and mange properly.

–          Minimize the use of plastic

–          Organize awareness class in local community and school to avoid the pollution.

–          Encourage the involvement of local people and local products while organizing he trip.




Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to hotel.

Day 02 Kathmandu sight seeing.

Day 03 Preparation day

Day 04 Final Preparation day

Day 05 Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding

Day 06 Namche

Day 07 Namche- acclimatization day

Day 08 Thame

Day 09 Khumjung

Day 10 Tengboche

Day 11 Dingboche

Day 12 Dingboche

Day 13 Chhukung

Day 14 Hiking to Chhukung Ri and return to Chhukung

Day 15 Hiking to Chhukung Ri and return to Chhukung

Day 16 Island Peak B.C.

Day 17 High Camp

Day 18 Summit > Base camp

Day 19 Dingboche

Day 20 Lobuche

Day 21 Gorakshep

Day 22 Everest B.C.

Day 23-61 Climbing period of Everest

Day 62 Base Camp clean up

Day 63 B.C. to Lobuche

Day 64 Tengboche

Day 65 Manjo

Day 66 Lukla

Day 67 Fly to Kathmandu

Day 68 Kathmandu

Day 69 Kathmandu – farewell

Day 70 Departure from Kathmandu

Cost starts from USD $ 38,000 (USD Thirty Eight Thousand) per person fully guided Expedition, 1:1 professional climbing Sherpa.

Cost includes

– Airport transfers in Kathmandu (All necessary airpor transfer will be arrange)
– 6 nights 5 star hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast
– Kathamndu – Lukla – Kathmandu flight for member, staffs and equipments  – No limit for baggage, we will arrange porters, pays necessary cargo for all baggage.
– Yaks and Porters for transportation of equipments from Lukla to Base Camp and back
– Food and accommodation on tea houses on the way to base camp and back
– Acclimatization climb to Island Peak (6189m) before climbing Everest
– 1 Personal climbing Sherpa to each climber
– Cook and Kitchen Helper at Base Camp
– Cook at Advanced Base Camp
– All kitchen and Dining equipments for Base Camp and ABC
– Food, fuel, fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat at base camp during the expedition
– High altitude food and fuel for ABC and other high camps
– High quality tents for all camps
– All group climbing equipments
– Communication and electrical equipments for the mountain
– 6 bottles of 3 ltr Poisk oxygen for member; 3 each for the Sherpas; regulator and mask
– Everest Climbing Permit,
– Ice fall usage charges
– Liaison officer’s equipment allowance, daily salary and other expenses
– Equipment allowance and daily wages for all Nepali staffs
– Insurance for all Nepali staffs and porters including helicopter rescue provision.

Cost doesn’t include:

– Meals in Kathmandu
– All personal climbing equipments
– All personal expenses
– Summit bonus and tips for the staffs
– Personal medical and evacuation insurance of climbing members
– Garbage Deposit (US$4000 – refundable after bringing back garbage from mountain)
– All other additional charges for additional services